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Used Verhan Saddle for Sale

Gently used Dressage with extra-large knee rolls and a medium-wide tree with a 17.5 inch seat.  Needs new billets, but otherwise great condition.  Will be taking this saddle to a concinment shop soon so if I've already taken it there I will let you know where it is and if I haven't yet, then I will let you see it.

You may bring your horse to my place so you can try it if I still have it with me.  If it is at the consignment shop they may have a trial policy on their saddles and I will let you know if they do when you contact me.

Verhan saddles brand new are priced $3000 or more and are very rarely found for sale used and you wont find them in most catalogs, but I am selling mine starting at $2700.  Price is negotiable.  I am only selling it because it no longer fits my Arabian mare.  She grew wider in the last year and needed a wider tree. 

Contact Bevin Allison if interested 352-208-2558 or emailPictures available upon request.
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